Emmanuel Baptist Church, Grenada, Mississippi
Saturday, July 20, 2024
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EBC Registration Page


Welcome to the Emmanuel Baptist Church Registration Page.  Any registration for events or establishing a login status to access your information can be done on this site.



Emmanuel Baptist Church

Member and Guest Registration

If you are a member of Emmanuel Baptist, attend Sunday School, have been attending as a guest, or you or your children are involved in any ministries, we invite you to take a few moments are register your information.  This information will not be shared outside our church family for any reason and will be used to more efficiently and adequately minister to those in our church family and extended family and to also share with you and your family any news and updates.  Once the registration process is complete, you will be able to actively view your information and update it as needed.  This will be a great help to our church staff.  Thank you for your patience as we develop new ways to serve you. 
Please click the link below to access the registration page:

Member & Guest Registration

Once your registration is submitted, you will receive additional login information so you should be able to change your password.


Wednesday Night

Children's Ministry Activities

(Missions & Music)

Please click on the Link below to register your child for our Wednesday Night Children's Ministry Activities.

Wednesday Night

Children's Activities

(Missions & Music)